Original Gravity Public House Bottle List

* Available For Consumption On Premises Only; All Other Bottles Receive 10% Off To Go

Allagash - Mattina Rossa
Oak aged Sour Ale w/ Raspberries, 6.6% abv, Portland, ME
375ml, $20.00

Raspberry defines the flavor, aroma, and hue of Mattina Rossa. After adding raspberries during the brewing process, the beer sits in stainless for primary fermentation with our house yeast. Next, Mattina Rossa goes into red wine barrels—with a mix of Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Brettanomyces—to age and sour for around eighteen months. Finished by mixing the beer back into a stainless tank with fresh, local raspberries. Fully matured, Mattina Rossa is a fruity, funky beer whose tart notes of lemon rind, raspberry, and pomegranate precede a biscuity finish.

Almanac Beer Co - Passion Project
Dry Hopped Oak aged Wild Ale w/ Fruit & Spices, 6.5% abv, San Jose, CA
375ml, $12.00

A combination of exotic ingredients and processes to create something crazy delicious and original. In addition to Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and Lactobacillus, this beer was fermented with Pichia—a yeast rarely found in beer. Carefully controlled, it can unleash intense tropical aromas and flavors. Ginger, grains of paradise, and passionfruit were added to this farmhouse ale, then aged in oak barrels with cedar spirals, and dry-hopped it with Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops.

Almanac Beer Co - Farmer's Reserve: Grand Cru (2015)
Oak aged Imperial Sour Ale w/ Muscat Grapes, 10.2% abv, San Jose, CA
750ml, $27.00

Farmer’s Reserve Grand Cru is an ode to aromatic white wines. Combining California-grown Muscat Blanc grapes with an imperial version of Farmer’s Reserve Sour Blonde it is then aged for over a year in French oak barrels.

Almanac Beer Co - Astounding Enterprises
Oak aged Sour Ale w/ Merlot Grapes, Raspberries, Cacao & Vanilla Beans, 9.2% abv, San Jose, CA
375ml, $10.00

Astounding Enterprises is dedicated to the pioneering spirit of California. The term was coined by Mark Twain in the late 1800s while traveling through California. Twain viewed the pioneers’ bold endeavors as, “a magnificent dash and daring and a recklessness.” Almanac created this adventurous beer-wine hybrid with that same intrepid spirit. Astounding Enterprises is blended from select barrels of imperial sour red ale aged with merlot grapes, raspberries, cacao and vanilla beans. Part wine, part beer and part autumn harvest—this brew is 100% California. Pair this decadent beer with dry aged steak, Coq au Vin or chocolate ganache cake.

Almanac Beer Co - Nectarine Cobbler
Oak aged Sour Ale w/ Nectarines, Peaches & Spices,, 7.2% abv, San Jose, CA
375ml, $12.00

Nectarine Cobbler is the Almanac version of dessert in a glass. They started with yellow nectarines from Blossom Bluff Orchards, grown in high-summer along the banks of King’s River in California’s Central Valley. Four pounds of juicy stone fruit were added to each gallon of sour blonde ale and aged in oak barrels. They then spiced the blend with cinnamon, ginger, coriander, and vanilla bean to recall the aroma of a freshly baked nectarine cobbler resting on the windowsill. Pair this autumn delight with mom’s baked desserts, Indian curries, and holiday gatherings.

Almanac Beer Co - Grand Cru Red (2016)
Red Wine BBL aged Imperial Sour Ale w/ Grapes, Raspberries & Vanilla Beans, 10.5% abv, San Jose, CA
750ml, $27.00

Grand Cru Red blends a Flanders Red-style sour ale with California red wine grapes, locally grown raspberries and whole vanilla beans to craft something truly unique. Combining lush Zinfandel grapes with a special imperial version of oak-aged Dogpatch Sour ale and finished with Santa Cruz Mountain raspberries and fragrant vanilla beans. Tannic red wine notes mingle with complex sour yeast flavors and French oak barrel character to create an exceptionally original new brew.

Almanac Beer Co - Grand Cru White (2016)
White Wine BBL aged Imperial Sour Ale w/ Muscat Grapes, 10.6% abv, San Jose, CA
750ml, $27.00

Farmer’s Reserve Grand Cru is an ode to aromatic white wines. Combining California-grown Muscat Blanc grapes with an imperial version of Farmer’s Reserve Sour Blonde it is then aged for over a year in French oak barrels. The result is a deeply fragrant hybrid that captures the Northern California terroir and seamlessly melds the complex tartness of a Belgian-inspired sour ale with the sun-ripened boldness of white wine grapes.

Almanac Beer Co - Farmer's Reserve: Blueberry
Wine BBL aged Sour Ale w/ Blueberries, 7.0% abv, San Jose, CA
375ml, $10.00

The very best hand-picked blueberries grown in the hills of Butte County, California were selected and added to a sour golden ale aged in wine barrels. The resulting beer is infused with a delicate blueberry essence, a reminder of far off summer days

American Solera - Foeder Gold
Foeder aged Sour Ale, 5.6% abv, Krebs, OK
375ml, $13.00

Foeder Gold is a sour golden ale brewed with a mix of brettanomyces and several different souring cultures. The flavors produced are lemon and stone fruit with a touch of Brett funk. This batch comes from our 20bbl American oak Foeder.

American Solera - Money Blend Batch 2
Oak aged Farmhouse Ale, 5.6% abv, Krebs, OK
750ml, $14.00

Money Blend is a farmhouse ale fermented with a mixed culture and aged in oak puncheons for 18 months. The beer is oaky and dry. The beer has a soft texture and is full of lemon and funk.

Avery Brewing Co - Uncle Jacob's Stout (2017)*
Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout, 17.1% abv, Boulder, CO
12oz, $14.00

Jacob Spears is credited as the first distiller to label his whiskey “Bourbon.” He built his distillery in Bourbon County Kentucky in 1790, 203 years before Avery began brewing. In his honor, they present this robust, silky smooth, full-bodied and altogether extremely American rendition of an Imperial Stout aged for 6 months in the very finest Bourbon barrels.

Avery Brewing Co - Raspberry Sour
Oak aged Sour Ale w/ Raspberries, 6.5% abv, Boulder, CO
22oz, $15.00

Luscious ripe red raspberries are elegantly intertwined with a bountiful amount of lactic acidity and delicate barrel nuances to cultivate this stunning sour ale.

Barrelworks - Lil Opal
Oak aged Saison, 5.9% abv, Buellton, CA
375ml, $14.00

Lil' Opal is a cunning blend of two-year-old American oak and eight-month-old French oak saisons. Both go through a secondary fermentation and maturation in barrels. This traditional Belgian farmhouse saison has notes of citrus and tropical fruit, a smooth mouthfeel, and tangy crisp finish. Round this all out with a little earthy funk and we have one refreshingly complex offering.

Barrelworks - Agrestic
Wild Red Ale, 6.6% abv, Buellton, CA
375ml, $14.00

This liberation begins its journey as DBA then continues through a “chrysalis” process involving 87% French and 13% American Oak barrels, and our proprietary collection of micro flora. Blended selecting beer matured eight to 24 months in barrels, creating a synergistic beer. Immediately, toasted oak and lemon pith swirl on the nose and palate, followed by an amazing harmony of vanilla, coconut, Earl Grey tea and spice. The finish is crisp, with mouth-watering acidity and chewy tannins. Since aged, blended and bottled once a year, there will be slight variation with each release.

Beachwood Blendery - 1.0e6
Sour Red/Brown Ale, 6.0% abv, Long Beach, CA
750ml, $16.00

Foudre aged Flanders Style Belgian Brown Ale with brettanomyces.

Beachwood Blendery - Omega
Sour/Wild Ale, 6.0% abv, Long Beach, CA
750ml, $16.00

Propagation Series Omega is one of two ‘transitional beers’ that mark of the end of the Propagation Series and a move toward a new brand for the Blendery. Meeting halfway in the middle of Brett Saison and ‘lambic inspired’, this tart farmhouse ale has medium acidity with notes of barnyard, fruit, and aged hops. Balanced and refreshing, yet also deeply complex.

Blackberry Farm - Brett Fruit Blend
Wine Barrel aged Saison w/ Blackberries, 6.3% abv, Walland, TN
375ml, $12.00

An amber Saison fermented with Brettanomyces.

Cascade - Apricot (2012)*
Oak aged American Wild Ale w/ Apricots, 8.5% abv, Portland, OR
750ml, $40.00

This Northwest style sour blond ale was barrel aged for up to nine months, then aged on fresh apricot for an additional six months. Aromas of sweet apricot blossoms and tart fruit are present as you draw the glass near. Deep, rich apricot flesh, then tart apricot notes dance on the palate and lead to a sweet apricot flesh finish with a lingering fruit tartness.

Cascade - Elderberry (2015)*
Oak aged American Wild Ale w/ Elderberries, 8.1% abv, Portland, OR
750ml, $35.00

This live barrel of Northwest style sour red ale was initially aged for six months in French oak wine barrels, then additionally aged on elderberries. Sharp wine, dark raisins, red grapes and cereal notes greet you on the nose. Tart dark fruit and grapes on the palate lead to a sparkling crisp dry finish with hints of fresh elderberries and grape skins.

Cascade - Kentucky Peach (2016)*
Oak aged American Wild Ale w/ Peaches & Cinnamon, 9.0% abv, Portland, OR
750ml, $27.00

This is a blend of sour wheat and quad ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to 16 months with fresh, Northwest-grown peaches. This limited project offers flavors of ripe peaches and warm bourbon with hints of oak and a light malt sweetness.

Cascade - Manhattan NW (2015)* *
Oak aged American Wild Ale w/ Sour Cherries & Apricot Nouyaux, 11.3% abv, Portland, OR
750ml, $35.00

Manhattan NW, a NW style sour ale that was until recently a secret, is a blend of Blond Quad aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels on 150 pounds of sour pie cherries for five months before additionally aging on apricot noyaux for three months. Aromas of cherries, Bourbon, sweet candy and hints of spice are noticed up front. Tart cherry skins and Maraschino cherries on the palate lead to a dance of rich cherry notes that are followed by slight Bourbon sweetness. Much like the process to make fission, the steps involved here are greater than the sum of their parts. What isn’t a secret? At 11.32% ABV, you’re going to need a designated driver.

Cascade - Strawberry (2012)*
Oak aged American Wild Ale w/ Strawberries, 7.3% abv, Portland, OR
750ml, $40.00

This Northwest style sour ale is a strong blond ale aged in chardonnay barrels for up to 12 months, then aged with dried white figs and lemon peel or up to 12 more months. Aromas of sweet figs, golden raisins, and citrus zest are the first to be noticed. Hints of white wine grapes, lemon peel, and sweet figs roll across the palate, leading to a crisp lemon tartness in the finish that leaves a lingering sweetness on the tongue.

Cascade - The Vine (2012)*
Oak aged American Wild Ale w/ White Wine Grapes, 9.7% abv, Portland, OR
750ml, $40.00

This Northwest Style Sour Ale is a blend of soured Triple, Blonde Quad and Golden ales that have been refermented with the fresh pressed juice of white wine grapes. The beer spent more than six months of lactic fermentation and aging in small oak barrels.

Evil Twin - Michigan Maple Jesus
Bourbon Maple Syrup BBL aged Imperial Stout, 12.0% abv, Brooklyn, NY
12oz, $15.00

Imperial stout aged in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels.

Evil Twin/Westbrook - Imperial Biscotti Mexican Cake Break
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, Cinnamon, Almonds, Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla & Habaneros, 10.5% abv, Mount Pleasant, SC
22oz, $22.00

Evil Twin has been contract brewing for years at Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – the birthplace of Westbrook’s Mexican Cake. Then there’s Evil Twin Biscotti Break. As the name suggests, this imperial stout mimics the coffee shop dessert, brewed with vanilla and almond, and coffee. Evil Twin Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break slams together the best of both those beers. An imperial stout brewed with coffee, cinnamon, almonds, cocoa nibs, vanilla and habanero peppers. The result? An even bigger beer.

Fifty Fifty - B.A.R.T.
American Strong Ale, 10.0% abv, Truckee, CA
22oz, $20.00

This is a rare one-off beer blended on the brewer’s whim. The most recent iteration contains a delicious blend of Totality Imperial Stout, Donner Party Porter, and our Summit Barleywine, aged in oak bourbon barrels for 180 days.

Fifty Fifty - Eclipse (Old Forester; 2016)*
Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout, 11.0% abv, Truckee, CA
22oz, $35.00

2016 Metallic Purple Wax aged in Old Forester Bourbon Barrels

Fifty Fifty - Eclipse (Templeton Rye; 2016)*
Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout, 11.0% abv, Truckee, CA
22oz, $40.00

2016 Metallic Green Wax aged in Templeton Rye Bourbon Barrels

Fifty Fifty - Eclipse (Vanilla; 2017)*
Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout, 11.0% abv, Truckee, CA
22oz, $30.00

2017 Ivory Wax aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Vanilla

Fifty Fifty - Eclipse (Willet Bourbon: 2017)*
Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout, 11.0% abv, Truckee, CA
22oz, $30.00

2017 Metallic Gold Wax aged in Willet Bourbon Barrels

Firestone Walker - Helldorado (2017)
Bourbon Barrel aged Barleywine, 12.8% abv, Paso Robles, CA
12oz, $20.00

Helldorado breaks the mold of darker barrel aged beers with a deep golden color from being brewed solely with English and American pale malts. The bready, honeyed flavors of pale malts pull out rich wildflower honey, vanilla and coconut notes from the oak, creating an overall flavor evocative of bourbon-glazed graham crackers that stands as singularly unique in our Vintage lineup. Helldorado may be lighter in color but it is a full-bodied and densely concentrated sipper at 12.8% ABV.

Holy Mountain - The Ox
Barrel aged Farmhouse Ale w/ Citrus Zest & Brett, 7.0% abv, Seattle, WA
750ml, $16.00

A farmhouse ale brewed with citrus zest and dry hopped with Cascade. This batch was aged in several neutral wine barrels with a house mixed brettanomyces culture for several months. Refermented in the bottle with brettanomyces.

Jolly Pumpkin - La Roja du Kriek
Sour Amber Ale w/ Cherry Juice, 7.5% abv, Dexter, MI
750ml, $16.00

La Roja is brewed in the Flanders tradition. Blended from oak barrels where the beer has been aging for 12 months or longer they then add 10 lbs. of cherries and let this beer mature for additional time in a firkin. Truly an ale of grace and distinction.

Jolly Pumpkin / Anchorage - Calabaza Boreal
Oak aged Sour Ale w/ Grapefruit Peel, Juice & Peppercorns, 7.0% abv, Dexter, MI
750ml, $16.00

Light body, lovely balance of fruit and biting bitterness. Elegant flavors of grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, pear, straw, green peppercorn. A bitter beauty.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - Kriek Vier
Bourbon Barrel aged Wild Quad w/ Cherries, 9.1% abv, Hood River, OR
750ml, $20.00

A quadrupel based beer with intense Kriek flavor aged for 4 months in bourbon barrels with cherries. This beer was compiled by the Logsdon crew of 4 with 4 of our initial seizoen yeast strains and 4 more cultures of Brettanomyces and lactic bacteria. Krieke Vier is a big beer with great flavor intensity and incredible cherry complexity that is smooth and easy to drink.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - Oak-Aged Bretta
Oak aged Saison, 8.0% abv, Hood River, OR
750ml, $25.00

Organic Oak Aged Bretta is made with Seizoen Bretta that is aged for a period of time to develop the wood aged character in the beer. Oak Tannins, vanilla notes and subtle smoky spiciness soften and mellow this beer over time. The aged unfiltered beer is refermented and carbonated in the bottle with select yeast strains to provide added dryness and complexity.

Lost Abbey - My Black Parade
Bourbon Barrel aged Strong Ale, 12.0% abv, San Marcos, CA
375ml, $16.00

Pouring darker than a moonless night, My Black Parade begins with a deep bouquet of rich chocolate and layered hints of cinnamon and oak. Huge flavors of cocoa on the palate with notes of vanilla, bourbon, and tobacco, finishing with crisp bite from the smoked chili’s and cardamom.

Modern Times - Asteroid Cowboy
100% Brett IPA w/ Mosaic, Citra & Horizon, 6.0% abv, San Diego, CA
750ml, $20.00

This triumphantly unique hoppy sour was kettle-soured and loaded with Horizon, Citra and Mosaic hops before 100% Brett fermentation and a luxurious dry-hopping with the aforementioned lineup of lupulin bombs. The resulting beverage is an exhilarating journey of tart, tropical complexity that is intriguing, quenching and outrageously delicious. Pour some into a tulip glass, relax your mind and prepare to be delivered into a dimension of unrestrained pleasure.

Modern Times - Barrel Aged Devil's Teeth (2016)*
Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout, 11.0% abv, San Diego, CA
22oz, $25.00

Devil's Teeth is a hybrid of an Old Ale and an imperial stout, two English beer styles designed to withstand long voyages and dark winters. It brings rich maltiness and robust roastiness in a thick, tongue-coating, aggressively flavorful package. Bourbon barrels give this beer a poppin' aroma & flavor.

Modern Times - Neverwhere
Brett IPA w/ Citra, Centennial & Chinook, 7.0% abv, San Diego, CA
750ml, $13.00

Fermented with the uber-tropical Brett Trois strain, this beer is radically different from your typical IPA or Brett beer. It is a laser beam of pineapple, with a towering Citra/Centennial/Chinook aroma.

Modern Times - Symmetric Orchestra
Oak aged Sour Ale, 7.0% abv, San Diego, CA
750ml, $20.00

Symmetric Orchestra is an otherworldly sour beer fermented with over a dozen strains of Brettanomyces and aged on oak. After a careful kettle souring, this beer mingles with a veritable United Nations of funky cultures and wood until sufficient radness has been achieved. The resulting beer is sour, deeply funky and resoundingly delicious, with a quenching fruitiness and lingering oaky finish. It’s a psychedelic marmalade train in beer form. Drink it, and be excellent to each other.

North Coast - Barrel aged Old Rasputin XV*
Bourbon BBL aged Imperial Stout, 11.9% abv, Fort Bragg, CA
500ml, $45.00

Every year a special batch is aged of the much-loved Russian Imperial Stout in Bourbon barrels. The depth, intensity, and complexity of the flavor profile of this special release, like its predecessors, make it a worthy tribute to Old Rasputin.

Perennial Artisan Ales - Suburban Beverage
Gose, 4.2% abv, St. Louis, MO
750ml, $14.00

Gose-style ale brewed with salt, orange peel, lemon peel and key lime juice from Brewer Andy Hille. The ideal drink after a long summer day working in the yard, picking the kids up from soccer practice, or a taking the dog for a walk. Tart and refreshing, it will certainly make you feel alright.

Perennial Artisan Ales - Abraxas (2017)
Imperial Stout w/ Chilis, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla & Cinnamon, 10.0% abv, St. Louis, MO
750ml, $30.00

An Imperial Stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks. Pouring deep brown with a thick head, this beer has a complex body with a delicious lingering roastiness. Abraxas is brewed with unique ingredients intended to challenge and excite the palate. It may be enjoyed right away or allowed to age in the bottle. Vertical tastings are encouraged.

Perennial Artisan Ales - Sump (2016)*
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, 10.5% abv, St. Louis, MO
750ml, $17.00

This imperial coffee stout is made in collaboration with South City's Sump Coffee. For this year's batch, a coffee from the Cauca region of Colombia was chosen, which provides a classic coffee stout profile full of caramel, maple, and pecan.

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales - Four Legs Good*
Barrel aged Sour Blonde Quad, 9.9% abv, Capitola, CA
750ml, $22.00

A tart, funky and unique take on a classic Belgian style only SARA could pull off. A must try from their world class catalog, notes of Peach, Pear, Tart Apple and Citrus with a dry and funky quick finish. Sante!

Soquel Fermentation Project - Dark Farmhouse #2
Oak aged Farmhouse Ale w/ Blackberries, 7.2% abv, Soquel, CA
750ml, $17.00

A mixed fermentation dark farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with Blackberries.

Soquel Fermentation Project - Red #1
Oak aged Farmhouse Ale w/ Raspberries, 5.8% abv, Soquel, CA
750ml, $17.00

A mixed fermentation farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with Raspberries.

Tahoe Mountain - Recolte du Bois (Peaches)
Oak aged Farmhouse Ale w/ Brett & Peaches, 6.0% abv, Tahoe City, CA
375ml, $14.00

A multi-grain saison aged with 100 pounds of California grown peaches per oak barrel for 8 months along with a blend of brettanomyces.

The Bruery - Sans Pagaie
Barrel aged Sour Blonde Ale w/ Cherries, 6.5% abv, Orange County, CA
750ml, $25.00

Sans Pagaie is The Bruery's take on the Belgian-style kriek, which is a sour blonde ale aged in barrels with cherries. Sans Pagaie translates from French to "without a paddle". The base beer has a subtle funk, which melds gently with the fruit giving this beer flavors reminiscent of coconut, vanilla yogurt and of, course, fresh cherries. A complex beer, perfect for a warm California day in the park with a slice of homemade cheesecake.

The Bruery - Terreux: Hottenroth
Berlinner Weisse, 3.1% abv, Orange County, CA
750ml, $8.00

Hottenroth Berliner Weisse is brewed in memory of Fred & Sarah Hottenroth, Bruery founder, Patrick Rue’s grandparents. This tart, German-style Berliner Weisse is as authentic as it gets. Lactobacillus and a hint of brettanomyces are used to sour this very unusual, low gravity wheat beer.

The Bruery - Terreux: Rueuze
Oak aged Gueuze Style Ale, 5.9% abv, Orange County, CA
750ml, $20.00

Rueuze is a take on the traditional Belgian-style blend of lambics of different ages. A number of oak barrels have been selected that have been aging a sour blonde ale make this one complex beer. Notes of hay, barnyard funk, apricots, and even olives play wonderfully with the balanced acidity.

The Bruery - Terreux: The Wanderer (2017)
Wine & Bourbon Barrel aged Sour Ale w/ Blackberries & Cherries, 8.3% abv, Orange County, CA
750ml, $25.00

The Wanderer is a special blend of oak aged ales that we made with Craig and Beth from San Francisco’s City Beer Store. Blending a mix of sour ales and our anniversary ale the base of this beer has a delightfully sour tinge on top of a hearty malt backbone. To add to the flavor, Craig and Beth selected blackberries and bing cherries to be added to the ale adding to its already fruity complexity. This ale went on to win the silver medal for wood & barrel aged sour fruited ales at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival.

The Good Beer Co - George
Oak aged Sour Ale w/ Peaches, 4.1% abv, Santa Ana, CA
750ml, $20.00

A tart and fruity mixed culture ale aged in oak barrels with California grown white peaches. They selected this tart beer with peaches to honor grandpa George because he and grandma Sylvia used to make traditional Czech peach dumplings together every summer in the peak of peach season. This is the sour peach beer that we all know and love. It's crisp, dry with a load of stone fruit flavor and aroma.

Yeast of Eden - Stone Hearted (Blend No. 1)
Foeder aged Wild Ale w/ Apricots, 5.6% abv, Salinas, CA
750ml, $26.00

Stone Hearted began as a fusion of our two American White Oak foeders: a blend comprised of a Brett Saison & golden sour ale, both aged for 1 year. This blend was then refermented for 3 months on top of local Blenheim Apricots from B&R Farms in Watsonville, CA. The resulting beer bursts with bright sweet-tart apricot, vanilla oak, rich acidity, and long finish.

Yeast of Eden - Skeptics & Believers (Blend No. 2)
Puncheon aged Golden Sour Ale, 5.8% abv, Salinas, CA
750ml, $24.00

Golden sour fermented and aged in oak puncheons with Pediococcus and 12 strains of Brettanomyces. This American Sour Ale features notes of pineapple, white grape, lemon rind, and under ripe stone fruit backed with doughy malt, a bright, rich lactic acidity and crisp effervescence. In the pursuit of knowledge, we delve into the unknown of mixed fermentation; our first release is a light in the dark, guiding one from the cave & turning skeptics into believers.

Yeast of Eden - Saison Apothēca (Blend No. 1)
Salinas Wild Ale, 5.6% abv, Salinas, CA
750ml, $26.00

Born from a simple grist, and open fermented with a blend of saison yeasts, native microflora, and Brettanomyces, our warehouse saison is a modern expression of an old world style. Subtle and nuanced, yet complex and contemplative, from us to you, we present Saison Apothēca.